Now your live events, broadcasts, video and audio productions can have that “bigger than ever impact” on audiences and congregations of all sizes.

Count on the FRESH START PRODUCTION team to bring their award winning gifts and production experience to bear on your projects, productions and facilities. 

Here’s a partial list of the services now available to you through Fresh Start:

  • Audio System Design and Installation for Live Sound, Recording Facilities, Concert Venues, Houses of Worship, Theatrical Venues, Outdoor Events and Broadcasting.

  • Staging and Lighting systems for Concert Venues, Houses of Worship, Theatrical Venues, Broadcasting, Outdoor Events.

  • Direction, Design and Installation of IMAG Projection and Video Capturing Systems.

Make a bigger impact with your ministry, productions and presentations. Contact Hal Sacks @ Fresh Start Music today for more details or to schedule a consultation! 

Email: hal@freshstartmusic.com or call 818.941.5526.