Make Us One – Culture Fusion

A Multicultural, Multiethnic and Multi-Genre Worship Project



Fresh Start’s spirit-led goal is to serve the diverse body of Christian believers to move ever closer towards it’s highest calling: to become a true multi-ethnic, multicultural, intergenerational and multi genre church “STANDING TOGETHER”.

We are Standing Together, bound by Your love. With one voice great and mighty,
We Worship You Lord. All of creation in heaven and earth, Singing Praise Him, Praise Him Lord.

Fast forward to the end of the book take a look. We all Stand Together and Worship Forever. So let’s practice now, put our prejudice down. Put pride aside, bring the fences down. Because our Gods alive, so let’s Worship Him Now.

Make us one, Make us one.
Every tribe, every tongue, rich and poor, old and young.

So all may know that we’re Your people. So all can see that You’re the great Redeemer
As we worship You, as we worship You. As we lift our hands, as we bow our hearts
As we shout Your name from nations far and wide. Make us one Lord, Make us one.

Fresh Start Music is honored to have produced and released their 1st multicultural, multi genre and multi language “Make Us One – Culture Fusion” project. Featuring new music by outstanding Christian musicians and voices including Tommy Walker, Kirk Whalum, Norman Hutchins, Pastor Albert Tate, Paulina Aguirre, Abraham Laboriel, Mandie Pinto, Phillip Ferrell, Vaughn Thompson Jr., Donn Thomas, Leyla Hoyle-Guerrero, Pastor Mario Ortiz, Oscar Franco, Glenn Jasper, Pastor Mark Chase and many others.